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IB Roof Systems is an easy choice for the environmentally conscious.  The PVC-CPA membrane is clean, fire retardant and can be blend with the environment with earth tones and custom colors.  An IB Roof is recyclable and earth friendly.

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IB Roof Systems white roofing membrane reflects 87% of the sun's rays versus only 6% of traditional asphalt roofing systems. This means on an 87 degree day an IB Roof will only be 92 degrees versus 172 degrees from a black roof.  IB Roof Systems not only saves you money in cooling costs but also saves your air conditioner from wear and tear, which will make it last longer and help it perform better. The Administrator for the EPA said, "...Last year alone, with the help of Energy Star, Americans saved the energy required to power 15 million homes and reduced air pollution equivalent to taking 14 million cars off the road - all this while saving $7 billion on energy bills." The EPA claims that every energy star home or building keeps 4500 lbs of greenhouse gasses out of our air every year.  We all want to do our part for the environment.  IB Roof Systems can help.

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IB Roof Systems warranties are spelled out in easy to read English without all the legal jargon. When comparing various manufacturers warranties. Keep in mind that a proposed 10, 15 or 20 year warranties are not all the same. You need to make sure that there are not any exclusions that will disqualify your roof from being protected for the entire length of the warranty. Keep a close eye on any maintenance required to keep the warranty. Some manufactures require scheduled, documented maintenance to keep the warranty intact. Other warranties require a coating every few years to protect the original roof surface. While others yet require a complete re-roof half way through the warranty to keep your warranty. So besides cleaning the leaves out of your drains, let the roof do its thing so you can do yours.