About Us

We've Had You Covered Since 1971

The history of River Roofing dates back to 1971 when it was founded by Jack Mclntosh in Leaburg, Oregon.  Before moving to Oregon, Jack owned Mclntosh Roofing in Los Angeles, a large firm with an excellent reputation for quality and dependability.  He came to Oregon at the age of 55 and started River Roofing, bringing his years of experience and expertise. Later in 1971, Steve Davey became Jack's partner and began working side by side to learn all he could from the master craftsman.  Every roof was to be perfect and nothing else was acceptable.  River Roofing established a reputation for setting a firm price, finishing the job on schedule and standing behind their quality workmanship.

During the economy and construction slump in the 1980's, River Roofing continued to expand while maintaining the well deserved reputation for quality work. In the 1990's the company's employee count reached nearly 100 becoming one of the areas largest employers.  Establishing the Bend office in 1994 we are now one of the largest and most respected companies in Central Oregon.  In 1999, River Roofing purchased Roe Roofing, a company specializing in flat built-up (hot tar) roofing since 1947. Michael Roe, a third generation roofing contractor, saw an opportunity to retire and still pass his company and reputation to the competent hands of Steve Davey at River Roofing. The acquisition gave River Roofing the equipment, experienced crews, and clientele to expand into commercial flat roofs. 

In 2000, the hard working and energetic Craig Junker began a gradual purchase of the Bend company and in 2004 he completed the purchase and is just as passionate as ever.  Craig and the staff at River Roofing Bend LLC continue to innovate as Central Oregon's premier roofing company.

River Roofing Bend looks forward to serving you.  "We've got you covered."